The most peopled archipelago of French Polynesia is a group called Society islands. It is divided into two groups, the Windward islands and the Leeward islands. The main economic activities and all of political life of the region are concentrated in this archipelago.

What to see (or What to do)

Tahiti is a political center of French Polynesia. If you are interested in history, you can spend some more time in Tahiti visiting monuments and historical streets of Papeete. The Polynesian presidency, the grave of the last Tahitian king Pomare V, the Venus bay and the lighthouse could keep a very special spirit of colonial time. If you prefer swimming and hiking, you can either dive exploring Polynesian sea world, or do a safari in a beautiful Papenoo valley at the east coast of Tahiti.

Moorea island situated just in front of Tahiti is also called its “sister island”. Moorea is 30 minutes by ferry from Tahiti.
It’s calm and green, having a beautiful azure blue lagoon. Moorea is a good place to do Jet Ski, to enjoy swimming with rays and dolphins, but also to visit the pineapple plantation.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora is surely the most famous island of French Polynesia, the major tourist destination in French Polynesia, known as a real paradise. Perfectly white sand, blue lagoon with multicolored fishes makes Bora Bora one of the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Luxury hotels with overwater bungalows, gastronomical restaurants and different water activities let you spend the best holidays ever.

How to navigate

Society islands are surrounded by beautiful lagoons which are not deep enough to pass everywhere. Take care navigating between corals heads. As navigation is quite intense, the passes are usually well indicated according to international marine rules and norms. Anchoring is possible in harbors and ports.