FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When I arrive in the Marquesas, what should I do?

You should inform our agent of your arrival. We have Kevin in Nuku-Hiva VH 73 and Sandra in Hiva Oa VH 11. They will assist you for your check in, in French Polynesia.

Can I go to Fatu Hiva before checking in?

No, as soon as you arrive, you need to do your check in with the agent and the gendarmes.

I didn’t have time to send all the forms before leaving Panama; Can I register with the agent on arrival in the Marquesas?

Yes, you can organize all the formalities on arrival. However, since, the agent has to send me all the documents, there will be additional fee to scan and send the papers. Additionally, a lots of boats are arriving at the same time, and your boat doesn’t have priority over the one already registered, it might take a little more time to organize your bond letter.

If I didn’t have time to make the payment online, can I pay cash with the agent in Marquesas?

Yes, you can pay them directly in XPF or USD.

What about if I decided to arrive in the Australes, or Raiatea first?

You can arrive in a different route then the Marquesas, but you will have to do your formalities yourself and go to the gendarmerie, stamp your passport and post the custom declaration form.

If I have check in , in the Marquesas, do I have to check in when I arrive in Tahiti?

Yes, you do have to advise the port authority of your presence, you can see them directly in Papeete or we can organize that from work at the marina Taina. 48 hours before you are leaving Tahiti, you will need to inform us so we can organize your clearance letter.

What is the most common itinerary of the sailors when they come to French Polynesia?

Most boats arrives from the Marquesas islands,  they do the Tuamotus, then Tahiti mostly to do few repairs, then they do the Society Islands , exit from Bora Bora to either Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue or Tonga.

What are the citizens who require a visa on arrival?

Have a look at our section formalities section and on the link below :


If I have a Schengen visa, does it means that I can stay in French Polynesia?

No, French Polynesia is not part of the Schengen zone, therefore this visa doesn’t allow you to stay.

How long can I stay in FP as a non EC?

Non EC citizens can stay 90 days and not 3 months. Remember as well that you need to leave before the 90 days expires.

What if during the 90 days, I fly out of French Polynesia and come back 2 weeks after, will I have 90 days more when I come back?

No, if you leave FP during your first 90 days stay, it will stop the countdown of the 90 days and give me those extra days on my return, but if I want to have another 90 days, I have to leave French Polynesia for 90 days in total.

If I’m married to an EU citizen, can I stay in French Polynesia as an EU citizen?

Yes, you can but you have to apply for a one year long stay visa (carte de séjour) on arrival to the high commissionary and with a copy your marriage certificate.

Do I need a bond letter if I’m EU citizen?

No, I do not require a bond letter if I’m an EU citizen.

Can I apply for an extension visa in French Polynesia?

No, non EC citizens must obtain a long stay visa (carte de séjour for one year)at the French Consulate of their country of origin.

What are the conditions that the boat can get an extension?

– If the crew member is really sick and is physically unable to sail .  He/She needs to have a doctor certificate confirming that the crew shouldn’t sail.
– If the boat is in bad conditions and is not safe to sail, the captain needs to have a testimony of a technician’s to confirm that the boat is unable to sail.
Also, if the captain is waiting for a part to be shipped and that he has a proof that the part is on its way.

How long can the boat stay in French Polynesia?

The new law issued on April 2014, the boat can stay up to 36 months in French Polynesia.

Do I get my detax fuel form on arrival, and how long it is valid for?

We’re collecting and organizing the detax fuel on Tuesday and Thursday morning, therefore if you arrive on Friday, you will have to wait until Tuesday noon to have it.
The detax fuel is valid 6 months, after that time it is possible to renew it.

What are the procedures if I want to receive parts in Tahiti?

Even if you have a yacht in transit, you need to pay the service of the custom broker who is going to charge an entry custom fee and an exit custom fee.
Temporary statement admission.
This procedure requires from the user, to submit to the express courier company on two occasions:
– Upon receipt of the equipment, to establish the temporary folder. A credit card imprint will be done systematically.
– When leaving the French Polynesia territory to close the temporary folder. Failure of this presentation will invalidate the tax exemption in effect for the goods concerned and duties and taxes will be collected automatically.
Items that do not fall within the ship repair operations are subject to the normal tax regime in effect for all users of French Polynesia.

How much will cost the custom broker fee?

The prices vary depending of the courier services that you will be using (Fedex, DHL, or normal post) but the price varies between 10 000XPF to 25 000XPF. So if you are sending a part that worth 50USD, consider that the broker is costing 75% more than the part itself.

Duty Free alcohols, how does it work?

You can get duty Free alcohol only if you leave French Polynesia from Tahiti. Once you have your exit custom declaration form and your clearance (Zarpe), you can go to Kim Fa shop and buy some duty free alcohol.

If I have a clearance letter from Tahiti , do I still need to check out with the gendarmes in Bora Bora?

You can do a direct Tahiti to Fiji (or other islands), your agent in Tahiti will help you through all the procedures (custom, immigration). Or if you go from Tahiti to the Society Islands, we will organize your clearance letter that you will present to the gendarmes the day you will check out and stamp your passports.

Do you have an agent in Bora Bora to do the check out?

No, sorry, you will have to do it yourself.

What is the check out procedures if I leave from Bora Bora or Raiatea?

The day  you want to leave, you have to see the gendarmes to stamp your passports. They will give you a custom form (the white, green and pink form), the gendarmes will stamp the 3 forms. The green and the pink forms are for you, as for the white one, you will have to put a stamp on it, and post it. Before, you post the white form, you will need to scan or take a photo it and send to your agent so that we have a proof of your departure.
If you fail to post your white form, your boat will be considered as still in French Polynesia water and if one day, you would like to come back you might have problem to do so.
You can go to the Maikai Marina to scan your papers.

Can I leave from Maupiti?

No, you can’t leave from Maupiti as there are no gendarmeries there that can organize your check out.

What will be the best way to get internet ?

You can have a good Internet access in Tahiti or in some cyber café in the islands.
In Tahiti, you can buy an internet card, Iaoranet or manaspot from Carrefour, the big supermarket near the marina. Note that the connection is available in Tahiti and Moorea, not in other island of French Polynesia.
The marina doesn’t offer internet access facilities.

In Tahiti, where is Tahiti Crew and when can I meet the agent?

From 9.00 am to 11.00am everyday (except week-end) we are in marina Taina.

How can I find out about the local events in Tahiti?

You can join our facebook group Yachty Events Tahiti, where we will post the latest events and good addresses of the islands.