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On Tahiti’s peninsula, in the hills above Teahupoo, an exceptional 2 hectare site between the mountain and the ocean, with a 180° view over the lagoon, harbors 9 bungalows directly inspired by Polynesian building traditions.

Raw materials are poorly processed. Soft lines are everywhere, from the roofs to the curved walls creating a both cozy and unique space. The limit between the inside and the outside is deliberately blurred. These “Fare” all have a clear view of the ocean.

You can choose your own universe from our 3 types of bungalows :
– NATURE « Fare » : Open onto the outside world to live in harmony with nature
– SPA « Fare » : The coolness of an air-conditioned bedroom and the luxury of a Jacuzzi with an ocean view
– SUNDECK « Fare » : With a private garden